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You think insulting the Captains in this airline is going to further your cause? Clearly, you are just coming on here to rant and vent about what bad hand you have been dealt.
You are getting exactly the contract you signed up for, yes the goalposts have changed and you are looking at 5 years as an SO, what are YOU going to do about it? Welcome to Cathay Pacific, they have been doing this since the early 90's. You were probably still breastfeeding when they brought in ASL, they did ONE command that year! We have all been screwed over by this company at some point, most of us more than once.
Your job is relief, for as long as it takes to get to the right seat. That means flying through the night drinking coffee when you would rather be sleeping, flight deck check and making the bunks. Most of us did this and we didn't bitch or moan about it like you do. THIS IS YOUR JOB, if you don't like it then piss off somewhere else.

You spout off like a real big man on PPRuNe like an anonymous coward. Bring that attitude to my flight deck and you will regret it.
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