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Originally Posted by Lonewolf_50 View Post
to which you responded Where there is an AoA indication to see, that point being made is well made. This thread has been moving with good pace, so I may have missed the post that shows the Lion Air 737's being equipped with an AoA gage for the pilot to see, and thus recognise a faulty AoA indication. I'll check the tech log thread as well
Strangely my original posts have been deleted... I cannot imagine what the PPRuNe police objected to!

I was making a general point, AoA is fundamental to everything we do as pilots, We must insist that - especially in aircraft where it is measured and used to influence systems - it is displayed to pilots. We must also fundamentally change our philosophy whereby there is an obsession with speed alone from day 1 of flight training, Lift (=G) varies with both speed AND AoA.

When, as it seems in this tragic case, an important sensor gives an erroneous value, and assuming that value is displayed (which it was not apparently) a trained pilot will quickly separate truth from lies.

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