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Originally Posted by metalbusdriver View Post

, is there anywhere to work in HK anymore that is good? I do have some experience .
Not much choice in HK, other than CX, KA ( same contract now) or HKA/HKE, or corporate.

HKA suffering a recruitment freeze due the reorganisation of its parent group Hainan . Time will tell if it survives, don’t hold your breath. A takeover by Lufthansa group is the only possible silver lining.

KA , direct entry FO. But same challenging remuneration issues as cx if you are married with a kid. Regional flying is not ideal, as 80% is china centred.

Corporate, you need contacts or expertise in this area.

Its been mentioned that you will live in 800 sq feet. This is optimistic. I would fly to HK and actually view what you reasonably would expect to rent at the price point you are looking at. Most C scalers rent for around 20k/ month (us$2500) and if married then around US$3500/ month. This comes out of the total package quoted by the airline. Don’t forget you will join on so called D scale, below C scalers.

Most B scale incumbents in KA or CX get their mortgages or rent paid ( upto US14000/month) , and earn around 30% more total salary than the contract on offer to you, with 50% more leave.

Go figure how happy that will make you feel 2-3 years down the line, when you visit your B scale captain buddy in his 30 million dollar condo all paid for by the same company that begrudgingly pays you so little .
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