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Ref: above post by Garage Years: “...All I can say is it was a good job the FDR was found, because that was what let the cat out the bag with respect to this being AOA sensor related and linked to the STS....”

Perrhaps not the time or place. Didn’t flight safety used to be pro-active? The fact that Mx didn’t suss the issue four times might not reflect on the shop.

Again, any “new system” makes it incumbent upon the airframer to fully test and fully disclose performance of the added function, No?

if the AoA issue re: intermittent trim input was unknown to Boeing, fair enough. I fail to see how it is possible that such an issue could have remained a mystery in a fully comprehensive testing program.

It takes an emergency bulletin to apprise Mx of the issue? Given enough time, I promise an aircrew could have Sussed and rectified the abnormal. Unfortunate that given unlimited time, the airframe builder remained in the dark? This aircraft should not have been released to flight. Even given the wrong problem was addressed in the shop, it remained unrepaired. Inexcusable.

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