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Gotta take exception to the comment about being in the minority that didn't vote for DSS. There were 3 candidates in the election in 2016 and it is entirely feasible that the majority voted for the other two. As for the election of 2018, I bet my 13th month the majority didn't vote for DSS. In fact, I bet the majority didn't vote at all!!

Apart from willy waving, why is this important? When you or anyone else is in the room negotiating away my ARAPA and rights to engage in Industrial Action and lock me into a 0% pay rise whilst inflation is running at 2.4%, please don't think you have an electoral mandate to do so, because you don't. You are doing this entirely on your own and for your own purposes.

DSS could not be bothered to put up a manifesto in the 2018 election, but in 2016 I don't recall him saying he would;

1. Present a bundled deal. The bundled deal was a major failing in 2016.
2. A HKPA deal less than what was offered in 2016.
3. An ARAPA deal inferior to the previous deal.
4. DSS claimed to be in the room when 25 year Housing was promised and he claimed he would hold the company to that promise. This has completely dropped off the radar.... Silence.... Gone.. Nada...
5. Nobody liked Clause 7 and yet it seems we are getting Clause 7 on steroids.
6. And last but not least, I sure don't remember DSS promising to fight for a 0% pay rise.

Let's be brutally honest NC, had DSS stood on a manifesto based on those 6 items he would have got zero votes. In fact, he would have got lynched. He promised what he needed to promise to get elected. So NC, please don't claim you or anyone else has any electoral mandate to negotiate away our T&Cs, because you don't.

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