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Liam Gallagher
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These are big accusations and frankly my BS detector is at full deflection. So yeah... I want you to name names.

If your scoop story is Darryl wants to go into management, then big deal, anyone with half a brain knows that. He was the company's preferred candidate and if he can deliver the union's gonads in a jar of formaldehyde (aka the peace clause), then he can expect a ticker-tape parade through Swire House leading to his chair on the 3rd floor. Numero Crunchero makes no secret that he wants to go into training. But here's the important thing, neither of them will do this while the TB is in place.

However, since we are playing mindless BS games on PPRuNe, I also want you to name your source. If you were in the room, you would be shouting that from the roof tops, so I'll make a wild guess that you were not in the room. I'll take another wild guess and say there were two types of people in the room, union people and company people. So your source is which, union people or company people?

As I have said previously, I like the cut of your gib, but if you don't stop talking in riddles, you will look like just another kn0b on PPRuNe hiding behind an anonymous callsign.

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