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Originally Posted by Numero Crunchero View Post
Isn't it about time you showed some proof? I am particularly close to the coal face on this - and so far the only thing you have right was that the NC were on ODs. They met with the GC all day Friday, in TST to update them on the position of the company offer. And all the GC honchos were there - so please do tell who met the company to trade for management positions and promotions?

So what game are you playing united? Do you just hate being in the minority that didn't vote for DSS? And you want the membership and GC to take a different direction? If so, have some character and do so on the aoa forums.

Your completely false accusations show you to be of little character.
The original replies to my first post said "no meeting took place last Friday " I challenged this and later it was admitted and again in your last post that a meeting DID take place. The meeting was scheduled and the team had OD's rostered. IOf you are close the the coalfield as you say then you know that the company introduced a handheld digital recording device and said their usual minute taker was sick. The AOA did not offer their own minute taker and accepted the recording. ARE YOU SAYING this did not occur ? While each side waited for a late company manager to arrive the promotion and advancement of a number of the AOA team was informally discussed. One to TC and one into fleet management. ARE YOU DENYING this occured? The recording device was on for ALL that converstaion, informal or not. It did not and will not constitute part of any published minutes ( not that any are ever published ) but on rostered AOA business, personal advancements were discussed.
Do you really want names ?

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