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Originally Posted by ethicalconundrum View Post
Well, since the US is a republic, and for the federal bench judges are appointed and reviewed by senate, I guess making a mockery of democracy is part of the system.

Should the US change it's form of govt to a democracy, then judges would be a pure election choice by the people. Certainly no chance of partisanship creeping in with that program - eh? Maybe you should study up on US form of govt, and on judges being elected in the various state and find out how partisan that process is. Maybe we should print the names of potential judges on a ping-pong ball and use one of those lotto machines to select judges. That way, merit and judicial integrity play no part in the process. But wait - how do we select the names to go on the ping pong balls? I know - we'll use a swim suit competition. Oh wait - Miss America got rid of that, too misogynistic. Scrabble tournament? lolz....
Yeh judge ping pong lottery is my favourite time of year! We make a real do out of it, have a sweepstake, get some drinks in and dress up as judges. Way more fun than how you guys do it!

Your ignorance of the world outside the USA never ceases to astound. Maybe best you keep it that way, I dread to think what might happen if you realised how the wool has been pulled over your eyes all your life.

Fascinating site this, and at least it keeps the loons off the streets.

Oh and I hate to break it to you, but the US is a democracy. Or supposed to be at least. Who told you a Republic isn't a democracy? Or perhaps you were talking about this?

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