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Originally Posted by MPN11 View Post
Hi, Sandisondaughter ... I'll bite! You've obviously cracked "Wireless operator". "Lnr 18 A 55" may be a specialist trade skills code, relating to specific equipment?

1 W S ~ No. 1 Wireless School
The "3 DL and S.P." and "1 Sal Section" is really obscure, especially as it relates to the immediate post-War environment.
"Ruin Pk" may relate to a Park [ie dump!] for damaged equipment.
HE for Desk 2 ~ Home Establishment for [Personnel} Desk 2.

Over to the others! )
There is a list of RFC abbreviations at RFC Abbreviations
"HE" is Home Establishment
"1 Sal Section" I took to be 1 Salvage Section, although the abbreviation is given as SS. Would be an obvious task post hostilities.
No "Ruin Pk" but there are "Rec Pk", Reception Park, and "Rep Pk", Repair Park, both described as Depots.

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