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Originally Posted by Banana Joe View Post
I am actually lucky. Got a job at another 737 operator with everything provided: few private insurances, transport paid for, uniform provided (more than 1!), medicals paid for, good per diems and on top of that also a hefty LoL. And my employer is not the only one treating their staff properly.
Just one thing I don't understand. You've got a great job flying 737 and rather than enjoy life, travel the world, dine with your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend, play golf, whatever you like doing... you spend your time on PPRuNe Wannabes Forum bashing Ryanair for days on end?

Originally Posted by Banana Joe View Post
Mind you, my sim partner picked the wrong holding entry and despite I disagreed with his decision beforehand. He got the job, I did not.
I did not get the job maybe because my personality doesn't fit Ryanair according to their recruiters. Or maybe something else.

You won't learn to fly a 737 in a couple of hours and assessors know that 99% of the candidates have never flown one.
PS. Flying the 737 sim at Ryanair is a piece of cake. So easy and stable.
And 5months ago you were trying to pass Ryanair assessment [post #8093], now you're warning everybody against the company based on something you've heard from your friends? We appreciate your care, but it just doesn't add up mate.
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