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Ned, thanks for giving us the chance for getting hold onto those beautiful calendar every year.
And RIP for all your lost friends in the recent accidents.

My most memorable moment was the aftermath of a simple and small tour i took in a H300 with a friend. On departure, we were allowed to shortcut the taxi directly from the apron over the free meadow area to mid-runway and turn directly from the hover taxi to takeoff run.
As weather was fine and traffic was none, I took this opportunity and my friend was shooting a small movie of this departure with his digicam.
A few days later, he made that video available to me. It was just a common takeoff, nothing special, but with the sound of the old and famous "Magnum" series, it made a lot more impression.
For me, it was a great pleasure to see how enthusiastic other people can get, if a heli pilot just does his job.
My learning from that event: Just stay to the usual and common stuff, because for others, it might be thrilling enough. There's absolutely no need to make an extra big hype of our work/hobby.

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