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This issue existed on this specific plane for multiple flights prior to the accident flight. The previous flight was hand flown by the FO (my understanding) so it was a manual approach and landing which would have required multiple power settings and configurations as well as a continual ongoing trimming of the aircraft. So what would make this flight different?
I keep coming back to the combination of level flight (vs. the normal climb out) and the presence of an engineer (in cockpit?). My understanding is that SOP would be for power and pitch to be set such that a stabilized climb rate would be maintained while the non memory items on the checklist were performed...since this didn't happen and a mayday/pan wasn't called
I'm speculating that the decision to maintain (or try to) 5000 ft. was tied somehow to the engineer. Multiple oscillations and variable flight path....got to believe that the interaction of the engineer and crew will be a critical component of what happened and that the breach of the sterile cockpit doctrine will be central to how events unfolded.
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