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Originally Posted by Capn Bloggs View Post
The QF A330 that took the plunge, twice, didn't result in grounding the fleet, despite the authorities NEVER working out what happened. Airbus came up with a procedure where crews push-button-disabled a particular system.

If you're comfortable handflying and the aeroplane starts doing something in pitch you don't like with, say, full back stick, you trim against it. Or you grab the trim wheel and stop it. Or you engage the AP! My point is, you have to be happy with hand-flying to be able to have spare brain space to try something.

So, is the STS the culprit when the speeds/AoA go haywire?

No, it is not the speed trim system. It is the regular autopilot trim system that commands the nose down trim in case of approaching stall AOA.

Probably the previous crew encountered the same problem and mistakenly wrote it up as a STS fault.
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