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If she is taking on some liabilities for him then it would be reaonable to expect a quid pro quo on something else................

Met a friend of a friend recently who has been basically screwed in her divorce, he a wife beater, violent thug with arrests, she ended up conceding mega house, he has the kids as she travels a lot and then he married his divorce lawyer who now frames the threats. She still paying mortgage on house in his name (he has very well paid job), pays mega maintenance and gets way way less than 50-50 access and on his terms. I told her she needs a B*****d lawyer as he sees her as a cash point with threats and harassment all the time including now demanding more maintenace as he had more kids and cash for Christmas presents rather than her buying them for her kids.
She reluctant to counter as she thinks would harm the kids.
Any names for lawyers who have zero scruples and like a nasty dirty fight please PM them.
She refuses to accept she is a battered wife (ex wife) but she most definitely is and it didn't stop on divorce day.
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