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Liam Gallagher
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It's true. HKAOA has the TB for RPs and HKPA (local pilots' allowance) whereas the DPA is proposing a TB because of COS18.

However, It is not true the HKAOA rejected the idea of a TB for COS18. Our TB pre-dated COS18. That's the reason we don't have the TB for COS18.... yet....

You are free to hold the view that COS18 is not a worthy objective for a TB. I happen to disagree. I believe your views are very short-sighted. Given current resignation rates and any expansion at KA, you could see a significant percentage of pilots on COS18 in a couple of years. These pilots would have contractually agreed the DPA cannot represent them. More fool them I hear you say. More fool you perhaps, if you believe management won't come after you as well. How will you defend yourself when a large percentage of KA pilots are disenfranchised from the union? I have no vote, so who cares about my opinion,

However, it is not correct to justify your position by holding the HKAOA up as an example. We just haven't had the debate.....yet.....

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