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Liam Gallagher
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You contradict yourself. You say the TB will be ineffective and trainers will breach the ban. You then say the TB will limit the number of pilots in KA and how that will make everyone lives worse. Which way is it?

An airline cannot function without pilots. Unlike other departments, you can't "gap" pilots and that's why the TB has impact. Where the HKAOA went wrong was they failed to convert the pressure from the TB into "gains". That wasn't a fault of the TB, it was a fault within the HKAOA.... Learn from our mistake.

I also disagree, COS18 is a threat to us all. It doesn't just relate to new joiners. It challenges us all. It challenges the future of both the HKAOA and DPA. The HKAOA should follow the DPA's lead and link their TB to COS18.

It's not rocket-surgery, just ask yourself what would the company not want? They want the TB permanently gone and KA introducing a TB is the antithesis of what they want. For that very fact alone, all KA and HKAOA pilots shouid be joining together to support the DPA in this venture..... Like I say.... It's not rocket surgery.....

Unless of course you are on the HKAOA GC who are finding this all too hard. They think we should dump the TB, leaving the DPA high and dry by signing a peace clause meaning we can never oppose COS18, never oppose DEFOs onto the 777, screwing the 777 FOs who are being drafted onto le'bus and 747 FOs who continue to get screwed and we can never oppose the GMA's next dumb idea. The buy-off we receive for this surrender? We get to buy back ARAPA (less a bit), we get to buy back RP07 and get a few bucks in HKPA (which will probably be funded by the non-payment of 13th month).
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