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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
I am an 'older' but not a 'lot of'. This contact drives me batty. I need to pay and want to get away from the GU. The checkout assistant is not my new best friend and I don't wish to hear the trials and tribulations on Mrs Xx in the queue ahead.
I wish they'd all have a "One item, no chit-chat, no messing queue" for those times when shopping is an absolute necessity not a time filler.

Waitrose were rather clever in waiting for all the other chains to highlight all the problems with self service checkouts before introducing theirs. They are not perfect but certainly the slickest and none of this weighing the items nonsense, maybe their customers are more honest in general . WH Smiths are the worst. I often just abandon my shopping and go elsewhere, it takes too long to resolve any problems with their terminals.
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