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Originally Posted by meadowrun View Post
Don't think most folks outside Iran's sphere of influence give one small damn.
I would beg to differ. Many of the countries on the waiver list are outside Iran's sphere of direct influence and they are extremely invested, so to speak, in the issue.

I write that not as an Iranian regime accolyte to be sure. But it is remarkable the target fixation with Iran that the U.S. has irrespective of the disruptions that the Persians support across the ME. So heavily involved in this are the Americans that they come into direct contraposition with a number of countries with whom they are ostensibly courting to be in the counterweight camp to a growing China. Talk about working at cross purposes.

As I admitted, not of interest to most here but still of rather decent importance in the great shuffle.

If it is of any consolation however, I see Bolton has named three countries in Latin and South America to be some kind of troika of tyranny. Perhaps until the KSA, one of the three prime occupants on the anti-Iran bandwagon, imbroglio cools down that regime change in the climes south of the U. S. is going to be the talk of the town.

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