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Originally Posted by Piper.Classique View Post
I'm sure none of the people who want to protect women, and who are posting here (often at great length) are being deliberately rude or patronising. I suspect that were I to meet them in person we would get on pretty well. That's the trouble with internet fora, it's too easy to be misunderstood. Now for the but.....
if you see me arrive by air, and I get out of the aircraft with a man on board, please don't assume that I'm the passenger. Whichever seat with controls I was sitting in. Because I could be a) flying
b) instructing c) passenger. So if you ask me "do you fly too dear?" I might be getting tired of hearing that question. Believe me, I have heard it more than enough times.
Second point. Women are individuals. So are men. Politeness is always welcome. So, by all means open a door for me, or offer me a seat. I too will do that for anyone who looks as if they need it more than I do. I hope they will say "thank you" whether they accept it or not. I do. Now, can we please not let the miserable specimen who caused all this mayhem set us against each other?
As well as having the necessary double barrel name Mrs Cholmondley-Warner could not have put it better.
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