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Originally Posted by AfricanSkies View Post
The crew reported 'flight control problems'.

They also asked for a speed from ATC.

Then crashed the aircraft in VMC in what appears to have been a high energy dive.

Looking at the Tech Log, pitot static snag and 'feel diff' snag.

Anyone here ever flown a 737 without the feel diff working? The controls are extremely sensitive, especially at high speed, very easy to overcontrol. 737s tuck easily, and this will get out of the box quick. Gums I agree, we're probably looking at a structural failure, caused by over controlling due to feel diff failure, caused by pitot static problems.
FEEL DIFF PRESS doesnít necessarily mean no or even diminished elevator feel. It is most likely to mean a loss of dual redundancy due to an Elev Feel pitot blockage or a loss of Sys A or B pressure. In that case, elevator feel will continue to function normally.

Itís a good point though, if they did lose elev feel, it possibly could lead to LOC or structural damage if not managed carefully.

I am surprised, however, that a fault with main air data could also cause a feel diff press problem. I thought they were essentially independent. I only fly NG, not MAX.

So this is an interesting malfunction (the previous flight).

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