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A summary of ATC discussions was posted on Tempo. My translation of what was published as follows.

06:21:23 Pilot made first contact with ATC. [Altitude 900ft]

06:21.53 Pilot reported flight control problems and asked for holding position at 5000ft. ATC gave permission.

06:22:57 Pilot asked the speed of the aircraft from ATC. ATC responded 332knots.

(Note: no mention of ground or air speed, the bahasa is "speed of the aircraft")

06:29:39 Recorded data that the aircraft left 5000 feet.

(Note: It isn't clear whether this is ATC comms or just an observation)

06:29.55 Pilot given permission to return to arrival using runway 25 because of the flight control problem.

06:31:35 Pilot requested return to point ESALA because of weather and not sure about the altitude of the aircraft. Pilot requested 3000ft clearance with other aircraft.

06:32:00 ATC asked whether the pilot was ready to return to the runway. There was no response.

06:33.30 ATC contacted Batik Air 6401 to look for the position of Lion Air.
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