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Originally Posted by FL11967
I would argue that that the pilots who flew AF447, Emirates 521, AA 8501, etc. could fly manual just fine.
?? Do you know what "flying" actually is or what it entails? It means looking at the flight and engine instruments, checking that the aeroplane is doing what you want, and if it is not, intervening with your hands, and feet to make it so. "Flying" also means being able to do it when startled or caught unawares. That did not happen in any of those prangs. That fact that you cannot see that, even with NO systems knowledge, each of those accidents would have not occurred had the PF just employed basic flying techniques indicates to me you do not understand the job.

Originally Posted by 1624
The fact that these perfectly flyable aircraft crashed voids your statement.
No it doesn't. If pilots "could fly manual just fine" they wouldn't have crashed. That's the whole point. It is clear that some of you have no idea of the modern cockpit operates.

Originally Posted by Golden Rivit
As for that, anybody who has half an idea (which is obviously not "Theaircurrent") would realise that all those docs, as shown, are legit but at various stages of the defect reporting and the rectification process. In other words, that whole article is a meaningless waste of time and effort. Please stop posting this stuff.
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