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My most memorable experience was during my time as a CFI flying out of Elmonte Airport in CA.

I had otherwise good student that got too confident over time.

I got too relaxed over time… a bad combo..

One sunny morning we were flying the normal landing pattern in a R22..

We had done several nice rounds the same morning.

The student was a little high on Base and wanted to descend faster.

So he.. ROLLED OF Throttle… horn went on.. and I went active.. also verbally…,

He got scared and locked totally up on the controls..

- dumping the collective and flaring was hard and too slow..

RPM dropped like a hammer and stayed extremely low.. - would NOT come up for a LOONG time..

We were on base the ground came very close very fast..

Needless to say I managed to gain RPM to survive... But I did have nightmares weeks after..

-will never forget this flight..

I guess I had a little luck left in my bucket..

Stay safe out there!!
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