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Just found a way to get to this thread, after several days of trying, without success.

The problem may be associated with the "last page" not actually pointing to the proper last page, together with what looks to be loads of empty page references extending way beyond the real last page. I played around manually editing the URL for this thread many times, and eventually landed on this page using this edited URL: UK politics - Hamsterwheel (which points to page number 542).

The "last page" URL seems to be: UK politics - Hamsterwheel which points to a page (number 560) which doesn't exist, and presumably something then picks up this incorrect page address and tried to redirect it to the true one, with that process falling over for quite a lot of users for some unknown reason.

I would support the view that if this thread can't be fixed so that it works for everyone, the simplest solution would seem to be to lock it and let the Mk2 thread take over, as at least that does seem to work reliably.
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