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Originally Posted by Officer Kite View Post
What's the basis for this claim?
i have friends working in aviation leasing and whilst the companies they work for DO NOT lease planes to Smartlynx, the chatter around the table is that they are in big trouble and could be the next airline to go, of course could just be a big rumour but would make sense given their business model and what has happened to SP and Primera. They might be able to get through the winter as price of fuel has dropped but i doubt it. If i was looking for a new job at present i would stay well clear of start ups and charter companies and would stick to the 4 or 5 established LCCs and the legacy carriers if you can get in as a direct entry captain. I have friends who were made redundant by Monarch, went to Primera and are now back to square one again, they have new driving jobs lined up but a lot of upheaval for the families over the last 12 months.
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