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BIK, BIK, BIK.....

Where do I start. I'd better stop laughing first..........OK.

If you want to have no delays etc. from ATC, why not campaign for a reduction of the separation minima to that which TCAS provides. If ATCs were only required to provide 600' with 5 seconds notice, I'm pretty sure there would be a lot less delays. There would also be a lot more professional vacancies in the industry.
One of the things that you fail to understand is that the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of traffic is planned for in ATC. It is not a reactionary, last-minute arse save. We like it that way, professional pilots like it that way, and the people who pay our wages, the pax, seem to like it that way. The delays you bitch about are most often bestowed on those like yourself, who pop-up and expect to suddenly be included in that planned, safe, orderly, expeditious flow.
I have no doubt in the future that automation will creep into ATC, like every job, but when I go to work and watch those 75 big jets pitch up per hour at an airport that can physically land 45 an hour (wake turb etc), I know I won't be out of a job in my working life.

As to what the rest of your post has to do with NAS- I'll let the more eloquent have a go. All I can say is: The real world operates a little differently to Flight Sim 2K. VFRs do blunder into trouble (CTA/wx/danger/lost/etc) all the time, people at any stage of their experience may have to call Mayday at any moment without warning (and with better things to do than dig out the ERSA), and finally most actual pilots hope they never have to react within that 5 second window.

ps. interesting comments you made about Bathurst. Fully shows up your arrogant, I don't need anybody/I'm all right Jack attitude. Seen any more A320 wheels-ups lately?
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