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Originally Posted by wheels_down View Post

That’s what I don’t get. The speed in which it sunk is off the charts. It’s extreme.

They have just fallen out of the sky. Literally.

Can you pull/push that severe that the tail or elevator rips off?

It looks a little like Rostov-on-Don, but the were fatigued, at night, in turbulence/wind-shear after T/O, I honestly have no idea how two 5K+ pilots in day VMC conditions would crash a plane only because the airspeed instruments were wrong. The only thing (and I don't fly the B737) that I see is, airspeed sensor was sensing low speed and keeps auto trimming nose down, thrust is high, pilots can't keep pulling and they dive down. Someone with more B737 smarts can probably tell me why I am wrong...
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