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Hopefully they release facts as they are determined.
Many strange things here. For instance, if it was simply static sources blocked/partially blocked it shouldn't affect the attitude information and controlled flight in VMC would be quite achievable.
IIRC an elevator feel computer/computation fail shouldn't lead to loss of control at this altitude.
An autopilot failure in the pitch mode resulting in pitch oscillations should also be controllable at that altitude, just disconnect the autopilot and fly manually.

Some crashes with similarities:
Both Birgenair and Aeroperu accidents happened at night.
An A320 had a bad joint on a circuit board which then failed, causing a crash, but it was at high altitude and A320 is vastly different.
The CRJ-200 in Norway had an instrument failure only on the captain side, but it was on a pitch dark night.

The tech log image could be a top copy or carbon copy retained after the previous flight.
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