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Originally Posted by Onceapilot View Post
Well, you can make a deduction of ROD from alt/time. Integrated with horiz speed gives TAS, and an angle of descent, as you have done.
Of course, it is possible that some errors are present and incorrect data is involved. Unhappily, I think that your calculation is credible.
Also, the data profile would tend to indicate a powered nose-over.

Amidst the somewhat hysterical exchanges going on here about stall speeds, AOA, Pitots, etc; you point out something which I think is salient; and that is that the pilots were fighting that aircraft to gain back control. A backward glance at the FR24 seems to suggest the mayhem that was going on in that cockpit.
It was mentioned earlier in the thread about the overspeed two minutes in to the flight and flap retraction was mentioned as being possibly disregarded due to workload saturation.
It's possible that the aircraft became simply un-flyable as a result of airframe stress/ damage.
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