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Originally Posted by chillpill View Post
Every time there is an incident/accident, this place is bombarded with posts made by 'instant experts' based upon ADS-B data and tenuous links to previous events.

There is nothing professional about this. Nothing. It's also wholly disrespectful to those who have been tragically effected by these sad events.

I just wish we could leave this to the experts from the relevant countries safety authorities, accident investigation departments and other relevant stake-holders who are highly trained in such investigations and who are also motivated to get the answers as to 'why' as soon as practicable.

I know this is an open 'forum' but perhaps the moderators might consider some filtering to at least retain professionalism, facts and accuracy from posts made on PPRuNe, rather than drivel and conjecture, when we are faced with tragic events such as today.

RIP to all those lost.
There is nothing unprofessional or disrespectful about taking the facts that are known, and applying knowledge of aviation to consider how an accident may have occurred. This is not a news organization presenting speculation as fact. If is a forum. Forums are for discussion. We are discussing things.
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