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Originally Posted by 4engines4longhaul View Post
Yep, salaries in China are going through the roof, but one has to ask the question why that is ?

You are quite right “The Crew” when you quote net UK salary but that is not Virgin’s fault that we are so heavily taxed, and one has to put the package into context. Does a China contract provide for any pension/LOL/Healthcare/Death in Service/PHI etc ? I might be wrong but I understand you have to self fund this.

At the top of the Virgin tree a year 14 Captain and TRE is on about 185000. The company put 15% of this towards a pension which is 27000 a year. I would hazard a guess that to self fund the other benefits would be in the region of another 10000 a year which is about 225000 a year which is 18000 a month approx.

Just because the F/O pay scales go up to year 16 does not mean anyone will reach that. Commands have never been more than 13 years and now trickling towards the year 9 mark and will be at about year 8 very soon I reckon. The retirement bulge is already starting and company figures have to naturally be based on everyone leaving at 65, wheras most will leave before that.

Is it all a bed of roses here ? No, it is not, but what we have we will fight to maintain, including the golden egg of 750 hours.

19000 a month to work in China ? Personally I would want a lot more than that. In fact I would not work there for all the tea in China

225000 in the U.K. you will not take home 18000 a month try 10800 a month. In China you could spend 9000 a month living very well or on a commute contract get back home on weeks off. Save/invest the rest. Yes it’s not for everyone, China is a very marmite country.
I know someone who is doing this plan for 5 years then if his property investments work he will retire. He’s under 50
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