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Originally Posted by Toadstool View Post
Not a false flag


A 56-year-old man has been arrested in Florida in connection with a mail-bombing campaign aimed at critics of US President Donald Trump.

US officials named the man as Cesar Sayoc, saying that more arrests could follow.

Mr Trump said the acts were "despicable and have no place in our country", and promised "swift and certain justice".

Twelve items have been sent in recent days to figures including ex-President Barack Obama and actor Robert de Niro.

The latest two were found in Florida and New York City on Friday.

From a different newspaper.

Sayoc posted several photos of himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, and a video where he’s wearing the hat as Trump speaks at the October 2016 rally.

The images from the rally also include photos of Trump speaking and “Blacks for Trump” signs.

Memes he posted on his page include an image of Hillary Clinton - one of the bomb targets - labeled “hypocrite.” Other memes promote fringe conspiracy theories about Clinton, calling her a “serial killer” and accusing her and husband Bill Clinton of having people murdered.

There are images criticizing Islam as a “barbaric evil cult” and referring to Muslims as “paedophiles and rapists.”

There are other posts depicting refugees as terrorists, opposing gun control, and attacking former President Barack Obama, who was targeted with a bomb.

Another photo posted on the account shows a sign reading “Thank you, Lord Jesus, for President Trump.”
Some will maintain this is a false flag. Handy for the rest of us to know who is that far gone.

I can understand people voting Trump, given how the world economy, and especially the US has been stacked against the poor since well, Jesus' time. Obviously the idea Trump would correct that was ludicrous, but I understand people wanting to make a point. As with Brexit. What I will never understand, is anyone claiming to follow Jesus having anything to do with him? I mean there are evangelicals who support this guy. Which says their faith is rather more invested in their personal wealth than morality. Have they read a word Jesus said?

I suppose anyone claiming to follow Jesus should have nothing to do with American capitalism full stop but that's another story.
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