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Satire ... look it up.

With some of you guys satire flies so far over your heads that it doesn't even muss your hair. "Hitler was a better painter than Winston Churchill," true or false?

Yes, of course that part of the country that knows Donald Trump best, New York City, seemed to me mostly to have very little use for him. (That would be about like me going to Kreuzberg in Berlin for a week and returning to tell everyone here from first-hand experience that Germany is totally gay, tolerant and pro-migrant, thus dead set against the far-right AfD.) Of course if that were so country-wide then it would be a great mystery how Trump, that miserable man, ever won the US election. Where are all the Yahoos hiding then?

I am sure that if I'd gone just a bit further, to Laconia, New Hampshire, for example, then I would have found myself among people who for the most part have no real problems with our Lord of Misrule. The thing is that then I would be stuck writing some boringly nuanced bit about how the good people of Laconia must be a bit, well, deprived, something no fun at all to read that would come off a bit elitist and snobby at best, and obviously somewhat misinformed too. Instead, yes, here's your humble scribe circulating in a warm bath of anti-Trump feeling shared by folks who were almost all urbanites, people who probably never have dined off road-kill in their lives. Some were rich, some were poor, but I did not come across one swinging dick who was wearing one of those stupid red MAGA hats. I guess that would be like wearing a fox fur stole at a PETA rally.

West Coast, does one have to be a "liberal" to think that Trump's hate speech might have something to do with someone sending bombs to those he has ranted against? That seems like common sense to me, the first thing that an investigator would look into. (Your notion seems to be about like thinking that some woman with a MADD [Mothers Against Drunk Driving] sticker who got rammed by a drunk driver had to have staged the accident herself just to prove her point. Really, it is perfectly obvious that drunk driving is dangerous; nobody needs to stage an accident to make that point.) Trump has been quite happy to rev up the hate speech, starting with "Just beat the crap out of him!" and going on from there to naming the press as the enemy of the American people. He still smirks as his followers stand on their hind legs chanting "Lock her up! Lock her up!" It makes perfect sense that one of his haters should feel encouraged to turn hateful words into hateful action, doesn't it?

How about that guy who's in trouble for groping a woman on a flight? Here's the affidavit that refers to the incident: https://www.scribd.com/document/391378211/Affidavit-on-Bruce-Alexander?campaign=SkimbitLtd&ad_group=58287X1517246X07e5142 b0b30b60a6464d6b071753b54&keyword=660149026&source=hp_affili ate&medium=affiliate Although it reads like a bad joke, item 16 of this sworn affidavit states that " ... ALEXANDER [Bruce David Alexander, the accused] stated that the President of the United States says that it's okay to grab women by their private parts."

Is Bruce David Alexander a Democratic Party operative, someone who staged this incident just to discredit Trump for his boasting about grabbing women "by the pussy"? I think we should be told!

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