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Originally Posted by andrewn View Post
I love Remainers, they are like the gift that keeps on giving.
  • The economy will collapse if we vote Leave - it didn't
  • We'll need an emergency budget - we didn't
  • The FTSE100 will crash - it didn't
  • We'll be reduced to a 3rd world state, surviving off scraps tossed aside by the EU - Nope, that fate is reserved for the bankrupt eurozone states, thanks very much
  • We'll have no Doctors and Nurses, Hotel staff, Fruit pickers, etc, etc. No problem, we can fill any shortfall from the newly redundant masses! At any rate, nobody has said anything about kicking out EU citizens whom are already here - quite the opposite in fact. Neither I suspect, in practice, will be it particularly difficult for EU citizens to come across here in Summer to do a bit of waiting on or fruit picking.
  • All future Trade with the EU will be mired in red tape and come to a grinding halt. Sure, I get the EU has to play hard ball on this one, as access to a free trade zone is the only real selling point it has. Nevertheless, it cuts both ways, so let's see how content BMW, VW, and countless other smaller EU companies are with extra barriers being placed inbetween them and access to the 5th largest global economy
I'm sure there's countless other downsides that keep remainers awake at night, like believing they wont be able to go on the annual summer holiday to Spain in future. And they say Leavers are stupid
And welcome to Nirvana, currently located in leafy Chesheer ( as some Beeb presenters are prone to pronounce the County ) where clearly the "flowers do bloom in the spring tra la la ".....

The first three points, true, but there's nothing like a bit of smug moral retrospection to convince yourself and others of the fact these projections didn't actually transpire.....of course, it's not yet March 2019 thus it may be prudent to wait until after this date don't you think ?

A 3rd world state you say ?.......erm, not quite, but there is steady decline in our standard of living

Trade won't come to a grinding halt, only the distribution and logistical supply chains......a mere detail of course.

Personnel ......now that's an interesting one given the much promoted concerns across a broad spectrum of occupations, professions and sectors as to recruitment and retention in the near future. Of course, it's entirely possible these concerns are merely alarmist rhetoric with absolutely no validity whatsoever.......at least for the residents of JB Wisteria Avenu

Finally, as they used to say on "Top of the Pops " ....."up one place this week to number five....here's France ! "......so no, I don't think it's unreasonable to surmise the manufacturers you mention will have any problems.....now, lets talk about who is in 6th place .

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