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Originally Posted by oggers View Post
Dick Smith you will of course be able to cite where in the FAA AIM it states that one is allowed to enter class e airspace under IFR without a clearance. Except I don’t know where you got that idea. It is for that reason one gets a clearance void time on every single IFR departure from an uncontrolled airport. You cannot enter controlled airspace IFR without a clearance. You are confused. In the states you can enter class e vfr without a clearance, not IFR. The end.
You do understand the extent of E in US, do you? And the slightly different use of terminology with VFR and VMC in the US? Although the result is the same.
Not to mention the ease of getting a clearance in US, or filing airborne, and I am not referring to radar or VHF coverage.
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