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Shoring up sandcastles ....

Instead of making a direct line between Trump denouncing his opponents various as disloyal, criminal, and even "enemies of the people," and then some dimwit sending pipe bombs to Obama and the Clintons ... nah, that's what "they" want us to think! Instead of this being a logical extension of what Trump has said, how much more clever it is to guess that it would have to be supporters of Obama and the Clintons who sent those bombs, turning Trump's words into action.

Let me make a wild supposition and say now that the Secret Service is going to find some Trump-loving Yahoo behind the sending of those bombs. Yes, it could have been Elizabeth Warren who did this, but I really don't think so.

EC's sort of logic is pretty much the same as that which underpins "9/11 was a false-flag operation," and "Sandy Hook used actors; nobody died then." Of course if you can swallow someone repeatedly suggesting that Obama's birth certificate is a fake, and that Ted Cruz's father was involved in the assassination of JFK, then it should be easy to make this jump of illogic too, to see that it must have been some Democrats perpetrating bomb attacks on prominent Democrats.

Moving right along, EC, are you cool with Trump finding the King of Saudi Arabia's "very strong denials" so persuasive? First, do you really think that Trump is unaware of who the real power behind the throne is, Mohammed bin Salman, so that whether the King was involved or not really does not matter? Then, that Trump, this fellow who prides himself on his being such a genius at reading people on short acquaintance turns out to be very easily fooled, by Vladimir Putin, by Kim Jong Un, and now by King Salman and by Prince bin Salman ... doesn't that suggest that your own faith in Trump is misplaced? The guy is no genius, EC; he's not even very good when it comes to having a basic understanding of when he's being conned himself, so what does that tell us about your own intelligence and smarts, believing in such a stupid conman? (Intelligence: knowing that the tomato is a fruit. Smarts: knowing not to put tomato into a fruit salad.)

It won't matter very much if things go as I hope they do, with a massive and relatively sudden undoing of Trump's gimcrack rule and his gimcrack business empire too, with perhaps his two idiot sons and his idiot son-in-law all having to go mow grass down in Florida at that VIP prison we run. Why not? Because the easily conned will just latch on to the next huckster to come along.

Look at how it goes with these dodgy televangelists, one after another being unmasked as fake. Does that tell their victims to stop looking for fake saviors, to perhaps study theology itself for answers to their questions? No, of course not! They just find another one, someone who has not actually been indicted, tried and convicted, to follow. Or ... they even have gone back to Jim Bakker once he's back out on the street and up to his old games. This is that segment of our population Lincoln named as those who can be fooled "all of the time," when they have just as much right to a vote as those who actually know and respect reality.

We'll know in less than two weeks from now if Democrats win the House and start in right away on Trump, or else whether we have to wait another two or even six years for history to deal with this fellow. In either case, that wad of dimbulbs who are Trump's victims, and his supporters too, are not going away. They will just sit there simmering with discontent over the rough way that reality treats them until the next chance comes along to pervert reality, to pay it back for not being the way they want it to be.

What we are stuck with right now is a President who wants to turn back the clock to the Fifties, when we sat unchallenged on a heap of nukes, dominating the globe: America First! (How ignorant the man is? Ignorant enough even to use that slogan, never seeming to know where it came from in the first place. Well, yeah, that's "history," when Trump supposedly learned "economics" instead.)
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