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For clarity on the trust thing for those who have likely not used one.

The beneficial owner of the airplane - what we would consider the person who owns it (paid for it) is separate from the trust company which is so far as the FAA is concerned is the "owner".

So the trust company is the one that gets it in the neck if there is something wrong.

Likewise, the trust company can raise a mortgage against the beneficial owner's airplane.

So, yup you have to trust them (do like a nice pun!

What this means is that there is no beastie hiding in the corner simply because Tracey does not have shares or ownership of 3G, the trust company - I have my airplane with Southern Aircraft Consultancy - I do not own that company nor do I have shares in it, I am (or more accurately my firm is) simply their client.

There are lots of red herrings around this frankly if she had flown someone else's airplane on the trips it would not have diminished the achievement the whole thing was about was she in the airplane and navigating a la 1930 stylie - seems to have rolled to a close unless/until someone comes up with the money to fund the lawyers - I would think there is little benefit to anyone in doing that.

Long distance trips are nothing special - I've done some myself (some 2,000+ miles) and it is a lot easier following the magenta line than older nav especiall over water - the most important things is a reliable airplane and lots and lots of money - so if you can raise the money you can go, if you can't then you can't - if you go on the cheap now that is impressive - building a career on the back of it is not intrinsically "evil" we live in a media driven world and so the moderately photogenic are always going to get publicity etc. Now us fat hypertensive diabetic fat blokes we gets nuffink! I would be happy to do Barbados to UK solo if someone can get BurgerKing to pay for it (no MacDonalds or KFC - we do have to keep up standards).
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