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Originally Posted by Pal33 View Post

Do you think the aps mcc was a big factor contributing to you passing the assesment?
I don't think the APS MCC gives you much more chances of being successful at the assessment process than a normal (but well structured) MCC course. The scenarios you practice during the APS are much more complex than the ones you face during the assessment, a lot of automation is in fact involved and the way you operate the aircraft is different from what you are required to do during the interview. Thrust management, briefings, most of the calls, sector management…etc are just a few of the things that you would do differently during the assessment.

I would say the APS certainly helps you performing well at the interview (although the benefit from it is quite marginal), on top of making you a more "rounded pilot" and giving you a slight advantage for a type rating course later in your career.
When it comes to an assessment, though, it all depends on you after all...on how much you prepare and how well you perform on the interview day.

As for what specific help the APS gave me when it came to the assessment:
the sim in Dublin was exactly the same as the one I used during the MCC. Handling wise that helped and allowed me to free some mental capacity as I didn't have to focus too hard on flying the aircraft. I was also very familiar with the 737NG cockpit layout and this boosted my confidence, for sure. As for the rest (managing an Emergency, doing a T-DODAR and a NITS...etc) it's nothing a good MCC can't give you.
To make it short, in my opinion:
-Will the APS MCC help you succeed in the assessment process? Yes, but the effects are marginal
-Will the APS MCC help me during the type rating? Yes, it will. Especially during the first phases.
- IS the APS MCC necessary: it isn't.
-Is the APS MCC worth it, would you recommend it? Yes, it is. It's an amazing experience and I would recommend it.
-Is the APS necessary? No, it isn't
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