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Originally Posted by sitigeltfel View Post
Anyone believing that 15%, or even the lesser figure of 8% of London's population was crammed into that space is deluded beyond help.
Or put another way....

Assuming 66 million people in the UK
Assuming 17 million who voted to leave the EU weren't there
Assuming the majority of the 7 million people who couldn't be bothered to vote weren't there
Assuming most of the 5 million children in the UK under the age of 12 weren't there
Assuming most of the 7 million people from Scotland and N Ireland weren't there
Assuming another few million or so were watching football, shopping, gardening, on holiday, etc...

I'm pretty useless at maths, but even if it was 750,000 'Peoples Voters' there on Saturday, it represents about 3% of the potential number who could have been there and about 5% of the 16 million or so who voted to stay in the EU.

I know that by some peoples' weird logic and imagination 3% to 5% of the UK demanding a 'Peoples Vote' is an overwhelming majority and 750,000 hardcore EU supporters must have their opportunity to override the vote of the 17 million who did vote to leave the EU, but hardly convincing except to the already convinced.
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