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Mine is registered with Southern Aircraft Consultancy - they are very good, make having N regards hassle free.

All of the speculation is only possible because of the failure to ventilate this properly - the audio interview is interesting but not searching, no a BBC Hard Talk interview by an interviewer who has been briefed by a good researcher, that would be worth listening to even if it is a bit too late.

This has all the characteristics of something that got just too far out of hand - if it is true, and I don't think anyone has denied it, that Sam Rutherford said "do what you're doing but, don't accept awards for it" then I think the outcome (so far) is equitable.

While we're on the subject of awards, can I have one on behalf of the world's hypertensive diabetic fat blokes for my first post-flight test solo New Jersey to Barbados in my 1976 PA28, VFR no GPS an ting
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