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Thanks. A timely & may I say welcome reminder of why I no longer hang around a place packed from arsehole to beak with superannuated gammon whose reliance on puerile memes in place of actual coherent argument deflects from the instinctive realisation that the sands are shifting around them.
But you are still here ???

Of how pettyfogging arguments over crowd sizes overlook the reality that demonstrations on such a scale have rarely been in the wrong side of history. Of how deep down inside, they know that they have been conned, duped into being quislings for an undeliverable right wing fantasy, peddled by a cabal of old Etonians for their own political advancement & personal enrichment. Of how in that context, there is no backing down, it's become all about winning, no matter the cost, a wholly transactional venture and hang the disparate corporate & public warnings, mounting by the day from all corners. So, thanks. Thanks, for reminding me the greatest comfort in my life is that I'm not you, feeling the need to post a picture of a bunch of crying babies & shouting: Look: that's you.
Or how from day 1 the losing side of the argument failed to accept the outcome, although before the vote they were the most adamant in saying that this would be the end of the matter. The EU way of endlessly repeating votes until the 'right' answer is achieved is one reason why some of the electorate reject the concept.
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