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Quote "but the bank-runners/small charter/tourist ops etc are the strugglers, operating fast enough aeroplanes to get into trouble, with the least equipment fit-out. The mid-airs in the future will be between chieftains. They do the most flying in the least serviced (riskiest) airspace, no TCAS, no CAGRO, and soon no radio net. And good luck to the guys in the Dash8s etc who, even with TCAS, might not be able to avoid them"

Mate, they do that now and have done for years - whether it's Dubbo, Ballina, Charleville or Roma!! Where's the midairs? Won't make much of a difference to these guys at all, actually.

I do agree about the drip feeding, though.....

Safe flying


PS Just as an aside - I think Ballina handles about as many RPT & freighters daily as Coffs, without a tower and without any problems that I'm aware of....
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