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The benefit of the modular route is that you can plan your life around other aspects of it.
I went for my CPL/IR whilst in full time employment. I was fortunate as I was working shifts as an ATCO at ScACC and could get my head in the books either before or after work. Started in the July and completed the written exams in the following April. I did have a head start as the ATCO exams helped. This was pre JAR & EASA so no requirement to complete any course as such. You simply applied for the exams when you felt ready. I was a part time FI so hour building was not a factor.

The local AME will be able to give you advice as to medical certification. So all being well, obtain your class two, and complete your PPL training. Obtain the class one prior to the (? Distant) learning for the EASA written exams.
Meaningful hour building including night and instrument flying (IMC/IRR) attached to your PPL. 300 nm XCTY. R/T test.

Then the modular CPL/IR flying training / tests prior to licence issue.

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