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I have now read your post September 2017 which goes a long way to explain your present thread.
The Integrated route is more expensive and more intense. Unless the grey manner is up to it, the modular route might be a more gentle route for a more mature chap, and you can regulate the pace.
And of course you will have family pressures to take into account which most junior birdmen (early 20's) don't have to deal with. This can be a serious distraction.

What counts is how well the training went, and not was it Integrated or Modular. Modular can be essentially full time as well.
The critical part of the training is post CPL/IR, when you undertake the MCC phase. This is the ašid test as to your suitability to airline flying.
Get your PPL first, see what your learning curve is like, then consider if the professional route is for you.

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