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I went to Poland for the initial medical, it was 600 zloty in Warsaw and 50 for flights. With Hotel, food and few beers it cost me around 300 all in. I figured if I fail the medical it hasn't cost me too much and I've had a jolly to Warsaw.

It was cheap but the language barrier is a big issue and the facilities are old. It was very busy with military students and there is a queuing system in place for each exam. Pilots have priority over students and are seen to quicker than everyone else although I didn't know this because I don't speak Polish. I met a Ryanair captain who was there for a medical and he translated a lot for me. Had it not been for him the experience would not have been enjoyable.

I've since transferred my medical records to the UK which cost another 77. However, the Polish CAA cut my name out of my ECG trace before they sent it which meant I had to get another trace done by an AME at a cost of 75.

The SOLI was a ball ache too.

Best advice is to do it in the country you intend to issue your license, oh and get it done before you invest in flight training.
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