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Done medicals in both the UK and Lithuania, aside from being over 8 times cheaper in Lithuania, one may argue it was harder by a not too dissimilar factor. I'm early 20s and not particularly overweight or out of shape too. The UK medical was a lot more relaxed and in a weird way - enjoyable. Leaving the Lithuanian one though I felt totally drained, never been picked and pulled at so much in my life whilst being told I somehow had bad peripheral vision (despite 0 issues in the UK). Still got my medical with no limitations I guess.

From colleagues I also know for a fact that other European countries can be just as difficult. One person passed in one country for the same issue another country (Denmark) failed him. Don't think going outside the UK will be easier, it is likely to backfire totally in the event there is actually something up.

Anyway, the medical must have been done in the country in which you wish to have your license issued. You can't do a Greek medical then do your training in Portugal and get a Portuguese license. You would have to get a renewal in Portugal done before license issue.
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