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Hi Gaunty,

There has been a HUGE amount of work performed by the "experts", airspace and industry and I do not include myself as one of those, on all of the issues surrounding the NAS implementation, to suggest that they ALL got it wrong just doesn't play.
This reasoning does not, and cannot, be used to justify any argument. It may win over in a debate, it may influence perceptions and sound convincing, but it is not a valid argument to make. Just because alot of work has been performed by many experts to reach a conclusion, it will never follow that it is necessarily right- never. The arguments themselves, not the amount of work involved or the number of "experts" supporting them, should always be the basis on which one makes a judgement.

The mitigators you listed do not help in any of the frequency scenarios I outlined in my last post. In fact, they imply that the frequencies will eventually be removed altogether from VFR charts, and that removal of the boundaries in November is just the first stage in this process.

I have demonstrated a need for the frequency boundaries to be displayed on charts - who will explain to me that their removal is necessary or not less safe come November 27th?

Since AOPA is fully behind NAS2b in November, it must be supporting the removal of frequency boundaries. I have asked BIK_116.80 to show why it doesn't matter what frequency a VFR aircraft is on in each of my scenarios - can someone from AOPA do the same? If not, then why is it supported?
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