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Need advice

Hello Community

I just got my result from the 1st stage interview for the cathay cadet program and I didn't get through. The email says I can't reapply for the next 9 months. I'd like to continue to pursue a career as a pilot but I'd like to be productive during this time. The options I'm considering are as follows

1. Apply to other airlines e.g HK airlines is having their intake in 2019
2. Do a PPL/CPL myself then apply again

I'm seriously considering option 2 however I want people's opinions because as far as I am aware doing a PPL myself won't have any benefit when it comes to applying for the cadet program, I'd have to go through the same process as someone with no experience the only difference is my application may look more appealing due to flight experience.

I'd like to know people's advice/opinions.

​​​​​​Is there any point, should I just wait and try and improve on myself?

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