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A Question for Mary Meagher

Hi Mary,
Thinking back to my own very short gliding career, I recalled how one day during an aero-tow my instructor demonstrated 'low tow'. For the benefit of those who have never done any gliding, low tow is when the glider pilot flies behind the tug, but below the prop-wash of the towing aircraft. After we landed, my instructor was called away and I didn't get the opportunity to discuss low tow with him and find out more about it. Clearly, low tow must cause the tail of the towing aircraft to be pulled downwards and presumably the tug pilot must then trim hard nose-down. This raises two questions. First of all, why would a glider pilot use 'low-tow' in preference to a direct astern towing position? In other words, what is low-tow useful for? Secondly, when the glider casts off from a low tow, presumably the tug pilot has to be quick on the trimmer to prevent the tug from nosing down into a dive. Perhaps you can enlighten me.
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