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Originally Posted by Sebster1238 View Post
I'm currently in lower sixth, studying my A levels. I will soon be turning 17, and hence applying to a pilot school.

I'm looking at applying for to the generation EasyJet program at L3 academy. I understand that doing this program will give you an MPL with EasyJet. However what I don't understand is what happens next, once you have achieved you MPL and are working for EasyJet, how long do you have for them for? Also, how do you go about converting you MPL to an ATPL, so you can work for other airlines?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The program has the possibility of giving you an MPL or a frozen ATPL depending on many factors with selection. You'll know which license you'll hopefully be aiming to achieve whether your assigned route 1 (MPL) or route 2 (frozen ATPL) after passing selection (and competition).

Also, to answer your conversion question, L3 states:
"Holders of an MPL may apply for an ATPL upon meeting regulatory requirements as your easyJet career progresses.".

That regulatory requirement I believe is met once 1500 hours of flight time is achieved.
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